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Open Source Cloud Free Cloud Business Enterprise
Hosting Self-hosted Cloud Cloud Self-hosted / Kubernetes
HTTP streaming and SSE
Reliable delivery
Elastic scalability
Multi-region clustering
Max concurrent connections N/A 20 No limit N/A
Message delivery limit N/A 500 messages/day No limit N/A
Support Community Email (with paid plan) Email/chat/phone Email/chat/phone
Price Free Free $25 per month + $4 per million messages and client minutes Customized for you
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Cloud Pricing FAQ

How do you define client minutes?

We count each minute of each client connection, rounded up. For example, 100 clients connected for 90 seconds each would count as 200 minutes.

What counts as a message?

We count messages you publish to us and messages we send out. For example, 1 message published to a channel that 100 clients are listening to would count as 101 messages.

What happens if I have a spike in messages or connected clients?

You pay for the extra messages and/or minutes during that moment.

What happens if I exceed the limits on my free plan?

The limits are soft. If you go over a little bit during your development and testing, it's okay.

Are paid accounts only $25?

It's $25 per month plus your usage costs. For example, if you use 500,000 messages and 500,000 minutes in a month, the total cost for that month will be $29.

Where can I track my usage?

Sign in to the Fanout control panel, then click the Stats link on the left.


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