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Fastly Fanout is perfect for your data streaming needs.

Push Data, Today

“Our users get a great experience and we can focus on delivering useful content”
Peter Bengtsson Peter Bengtsson Web Engineer at Mozilla


“As we begin to utilize Lambda, Fanout's WebSocket capabilities become more valuable”
Arend Naylor Arend Naylor Co-Founder and CTO at Koan

For API Providers

“[Fanout is] the convenience of Pusher, with the flexibility of a public API”
Garath Davies Gareth Davies Founder of Canadian Bitcoin Index


“[Fanout's proxy] enables us to keep HTTP requests open for streaming at scale”
Siddharth Kothari Siddharth Kothari Co-Founder of Appbase

Fanout's realtime data solution is trusted across the industry.


Push Architecture Done Right

No need to build your own "stream server thing". We've done the hard work for you.

Hybrid reverse proxy and message broker.

Fanout Realtime Proxy

Augment your existing API with push capability.

Designed for interoperability.

Designed for interoperability

Any HTTP-based backend, including serverless/FaaS, can manage long-lived streams.

Self-hosted or cloud. It’s up to you.

Cloud or self-hosted

Use our cloud with a custom domain name, or run the software on your own servers.

How It Works

Integrate with the Fanout proxy, and notify it when there’s data to send.

Server Endpoint

Add an endpoint on your backend that responds with Fanout instructions.

Fanout Cloud

Configure Fanout's proxy to route requests to your backend server.

Client Devices

Call the Fanout API when there's data to send out.

Devices will now be able to connect to the endpoint through the Fanout proxy and listen for data.

Read the Quickstart Guide for more.
Core Competencies

Focus on your business, not reinventing the wheel.

Realtime data that’s responsive, reliable, and scalable to millions of devices.

Single Codebase

Keep all of your API logic in one place.

No need to write a separate backend in a different language just to push data.

Pick Your Protocol

Pick your protocol.

Choose from a variety of push mechanisms: HTTP streaming, WebSockets, and more.


Compatible with API management.

Apply the benefits of your API management system (e.g. authentication) to your realtime endpoints. Simply chain the proxies.

Push data, today

Install on your own servers, or try our auto-scaling cloud for free.

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