Arend Naylor
Co-Founder and CTO at Koan

Koan is the easiest way for leaders and teams to plan and achieve their goals, uncover insights and stay engaged.

Koan uses Fanout Cloud for signaling realtime UI updates.

As we begin to utilize Lambda technologies in our backend services, Fanout's WebSocket capabilities become more and more valuable for providing rich realtime user experiences.
Peter Bengtsson
Web Engineer at Mozilla

Mozilla is the non-profit champion of the Internet, helping to keep it healthy, open and accessible to all.

Mozilla uses Fanout Cloud in Air Mozilla to enhance the experience for users awaiting content updates.

We've been very pleased with Fanout. Now we don't need to maintain another service and make it reliable and secure. And with that out of the way, our users get a great experience and we can focus on delivering useful content.
Julien Genestoux
Lead Engineer at Medium

Superfeedr (acquired by Medium) offers a powerful unified Feed API that simplifies how you handle RSS, Atom, or JSON feeds. Whether you publish or consume feeds, Superfeedr streamlines the notification process, saving you time and resources.

Superfeedr picked Fanout because of its transparent approach, which allowed them to use their own CNAME and proxy the long-lived connections made to their API.

In the same way that we would not write from scratch our very own database to store the content we process, it made sense to find a existing infrastructure and rely on their expertise.
Gareth Davies
Founder of CBIX

The Canadian Bitcoin Index is a blended bitcoin index derived from a volume-weighted moving average from all trades conducted by Canadian exchanges.

CBIX uses Fanout to power the realtime endpoints of the CBIX API. The backend is a Laravel application.

The issue that I had was that there was no way of combining the convenience of a hosted solution such as Pusher with the flexibility of a public API provided by a self-hosted solution. This is where Fanout fits in.
Siddharth Kothari
Co-Founder of Appbase

Appbase is a streaming database service for search and analytics. They help developers build rich, scalable web apps from day 1.

Clients can make queries to Appbase and receive streaming results. Appbase's infrastructure uses our open source Pushpin to deliver these results to clients in realtime.

Scaling and dealing with client connections was a task fraught with inconveniences when we used for our initial versions. Pushpin enables us to keep HTTP requests open for streaming at scale, replacing all our ops overhead related to managing WebSockets.

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