The Open Solution to Build and Scale Realtime APIs

Fanout helps you push data to connected devices without lock-in.

Many common realtime services and frameworks provide powerful realtime capabilities – but the problem is that they lock you into a specific tech stack.

At Fanout, we’re big fans of open source and open standards from both risk management and functional perspectives. We believe an open architecture is the best way to add realtime capabilities to your API or app – without lock-in.

Hybrid reverse proxy and message broker.

Fanout Realtime Proxy

Push data in realtime while retaining control over your API contract.

Designed for interoperability.

Designed for interoperability

Add realtime to any API, no matter what backend language or database.

Cloud or self-hosted. It’s up to you.

Cloud or self-hosted

Use our cloud service, or run our open source proxy on your own servers.


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